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What about parenting your baby?

Many women choose to parent their child. Parenting is a very rewarding experience, as well as a very challenging one. You will be the most important person in your child’s world. Being a parent is a full time job. You will spend up to eighteen years caring for your child, meeting her needs and training her to live on her own. You will need to consider how being a parent will affect your schooling, your social life and your emotional stability.

Oftentimes you as a parent will have to sacrifice in order to meet the physical and emotional needs of your child. Parenting can be made easier if you are involved with a parenting class or support group for parents. Many times other family members will be willing to help you in your decision to parent. The most important thing to consider is what is best for your child. Look to the future, at 1 year, at 5 years, at teen years, and examine yourself to determine if parenting is indeed something you are committed to. A counselor can help you weigh the pros and cons of parenting and adoption so you will make an informed decision. Most importantly, if your desire to parent is based on willingness to be the best parent you can be and working at it with all the resources available to you, you will be a great parent! If you aren’t sure, please work through your questions with a counselor.

If parenting is definitely for you, PCC will be here to help you through the months of preparation for your little one with emotional support as well as material support. We will make every effort to help you with maternity clothes, baby clothes and items such as strollers, cribs and car seats. We can help you with baby clothing, diapers and many other needs.

Could adoption be your best option?

Adoption has the potential to be a life-affirming choice for everyone involved. A woman can gain great peace of mind knowing she has kept her future intact and has provided a future for her child.

Today’s adoption looks much different than in the past. The needs of the pregnant woman are given top priority in the adoption process. It is important to remember that she may explore the option of adoption without committing to an adoption plan.

If you are considering adoption, you will be given the opportunity to choose and open, closed, or semi-open adoption. Depending on which you choose, you may:

*Review profiles of potential adoptive families

*Interview prospective parents

*Choose the family you believe is best for your child

In addition, expenses related to your pregnancy are covered.

Women who choose adoption do so out of great love for their child. They want the very best for the child and may not be able to provide the emotional or financial stability that a child needs.

You may wonder what would happen if there is a chance your child could have birth defects due to drug and/or alcohol use…your doctor may be able to assess whether your child is experiencing any negative effects of drug or alcohol abuse. There are hundreds of couples willing to adopt children with special needs of all kinds, whether they are drug-related or not.

Will you be sad about this decision for the rest of your life? While you will never forget about your child, or the decision you made to place your child in adoption, your feelings about the adoption will change as you go through the healing process. There may be sadness in your heart about not having your child with you, but you will find yourself being comforted knowing that your child is being well taken care of, and that you did what was best for yourself and your child.

Remember, you can give your child something no one else can …….life!! The greatest gift of all!

What About Abortion?

If you are pregnant you may be wondering if abortion is right for you.

Abortion is most frequently done as a surgical procedure. In early pregnancy, it is a relatively quick process. However, as with any surgery, there are risks. We can talk with you about the methods and risks of abortion.

In addition, the emotional impact of abortion is an important factor to consider. A woman’s beliefs about pregnancy, abortion and religion affect her perspective following abortion.

It is critical that a woman has the support and time she needs to sort through all of her questions. While there may be a sense of urgency to make a decision quickly, it is well worth the effort to talk with someone first. We are available to talk 24 hours a day.

tests, ultrasounds to confirm viability of the pregnancy, and childbirth and parenting information.

*The Pregnancy Care Clinic does not provide abortion services or referrals, but we do provide accurate information on abortion that we hope we can share with you to help you make an informed decision.

*This information is intended for general educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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