Am I pregnant?

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Think you might be pregnant?….

If you think you might be pregnant, the Pregnancy Care Clinic can provide testing for you free of charge in a comfortable, confidential setting. The tests are the same ones used in doctor’s offices and are more accurate than some home tests. The test used is a urine pregnancy test that measures the presence of the pregnancy hormone in your body. If the hormone (HCG) is present, the test will show positive. Confirmation of a positive urine pregnancy test is often followed by ultrasound. The Clinic also offers limited ultrasound to clients to confirm viability of your pregnancy. The ultrasound can determine if you may be at risk for miscarriage or if your pregnancy looks normal by verifying that the baby is in the uterus and has a heartbeat. As with all of our services, ultrasounds are free of charge.

You may call for an appointment to confirm pregnancy or for consultation, however walk-ins are welcome. If you are planning to confirm your pregnancy with ultrasound, you will most likely need to schedule an appointment as we have limited nursing staff to perform ultrasounds.

We can help you check some of the common symptoms of pregnancy and explore your options if your test is truly positive for pregnancy. Our personal experiences vary, but in every case they have served to sensitize us to the challenges women face. We are here to answer your questions or just talk if you want.

What can the Pregnancy Care Clinic do for me?

A pregnancy can mean some unexpected decisions. Our medical personnel and trained peer counselors can help. Many of our staff have experienced their own unplanned pregnancies and have felt the pressures you now face. We can assist you in making informed decisions about your pregnancy.

Disclaimer: THIS CLINIC DOES NOT OFFER ABORTION SERVICES OR ABORTION REFFERALS. Our services are not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling, medical or pre-natal care.

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