What Is The Abortion Pill Reversal?

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Q: So, in layman’s terms exactly how does the abortion pill reversal treatment work?

A:  The abortion pill is a medication called Mifepristone and it is given to decrease or block progesterone that she naturally produces from her body…..so the Reversal is actually just giving back progesterone to the body…exactly what the woman should be producing for sustaining a pregnancy. In layman’s terms: maintaining normal progesterone levels.

Q: Is the Reversal given in a heavy dose?

A: It’s basically something that has been used for a very long time in women who are lacking enough progesterone in their body.  It’s kind of a fertility method of maintaining the pregnancy for those who are prone to miscarriage because of not having the progesterone. So, they took the levels from what they use in long-term pregnancy. Basically the dosage is set to increase the level just enough to keep the pregnancy going and it’s only through the first trimester. After that, their placenta will take over to supply the baby with the nutrients needed.

Q: Is there a timetable on when a woman can take the Reversal?

A: That has changed a little bit with the actual abortion pill. They used to have three days, seventy-two hours, between taking of the first abortion pill to the second abortion pill. So we really still have up to three days technically to get that progesterone back into their body. But, the closer to twenty-four hours the better to help counteract what the abortion pill might be doing.

Q: There has to be a big change of mind along the way.  Is that rare or is it something pretty common?

A:  Even before starting the process of reversing, we sit down with these patients and really discuss their commitment to stay on the Reversal schedule.  But we also see that whether they are having a medical or surgical abortion procedure, women have stated to us many times that when they were there in the moment, actually taking the first pill or being prepped for a surgical abortion, the reality hits them as a really big, big, heavy thing and they often want to change their mind at that point. But then they figure they are already in that situation—just get it over with. So what we would like women to know is: if you take the first pill and you want to change your mind you have time and you can.

Q: Have you worked with patients where this has been a successful application?

A:  Successful to us is when they have delivered their child and are successful parents of course. So far we have had two patients who have sustained their pregnancies and both delivered healthy beautiful babies. That’s success to us!

Q:  What would you say to the person who says there is not enough medical information to support Abortion Pill Reversal?

A:  Progesterone has been a form of fertility treatment for many, many years, and the fact that they are using progesterone blockers now is nothing new to some women who are born with this type of blockage. All we are doing is giving them progesterone, which is also normally produced in a woman’s body.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: The challenge we are finding, is that these women need a lot of resources due to the circumstances that led them to an abortion decision in the first place. We are working to help them find those resources.

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